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A "camp write an article on project tiger is appointed for each reserve, which is assisted from the field and technical staff. The factors recognized by Project Tiger included habitat destruction, forestry disturbance, loss of prey, poaching and competition with local villagers and domestic animals.

Tiger in IndiaEven after the bans made by the government warning not to gather even wood from the former hunting grounds, poaching of tigers continue. For a viable tiger population, a habitat should possess a good prey base, which in turn depends on an undisturbed forest vegetation.

The main achievements of this project are excellent recovery of the habitat and consequent increase in the tiger population in the reserve areas, from a mere in 9 reserves in to in 27 reserves in Initially, 9 tiger reserves were established in different States during the period This amounts to almost 1.

Objective The main objective of Project Tiger is to ensure a viable population of tiger in India for scientificeconomicaestheticcultural and ecological values and to preserve for all time, areas of biological importance as a natural heritage for the benefit, education and enjoyment of the people.

Now as many as 27 Tiger Reserves, covering an area of37, sq km, are included in Project Tiger. We will try our best to add them. Project Tiger is the most famous wildlife conservation project of India, which was lunched in to protect the diminishing population of Indian tigers.

The project comprises the governments of respective states. From its inception inProject Tiger was aimed at saving the tiger and to identify and eliminate the factors responsible for the decline of tiger population in the country. It is a multi-purpose use area with twin objectives of providing habitat supplement to spillover population of wild animals from core conservation unit and to provide site specific co-developmental inputs to surrounding villages for relieving their impact on core area.

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As recently asthe hunting of tigers was legal in India and this majestic animal was hunted by the erstwhile royals and elites for pleasure and its beautiful skin. The article should be from the list of topics given. Some have argued that this is problematic as it will increase conflict and opportunities for poaching; some also assert that "tigers and humans cannot co-exist".

Project tiger scheme includes wildlife management, protection measures and site specific eco development to reduce the dependency on tiger reserve resources. These nine reserves covered an area of about 13, sq.

In the following five-year plans, the main objective was to expand the buffer and core zones in certain reserves, intensification of protection and economic development in buffer zones of existing tiger reserves, creation of tiger reserves and strengthening further the activities research.

But more wildlife conservation laws and awareness among people is still required to make Indian sanctuaries a safe haven for tigers. Voluntary Village relocation has been done in many reserves, especially from the core, area.

The project has been instrumental in mustering local support for conservation programme in general. An estimate of the population of tigers in India at the turn of the century, placed the figure of 40, A task force was then established to formulate a plan for tiger conservation with an ecological approach.

Project Tiger

The chief director of wildlife in the various states are responsible for the implementation on the ground. The population of tigers in the country has increased significantly to about from less than at the time of launch of the project. Initially, 9 tiger reserves were established in different States during the periodby pooling resources with the central government and the state.

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The core area is kept free of biotic disturbances and forestry operations, where collection of minor forest produce, grazing, human disturbances are not allowed within.

Project Tiger writing contest has a special focus to create articles that are most sought out by users online but not yet present in Indian language Wikipedias. Participating language communities would compete for three months. Except for the National Parks portion if contained within, normally no relocation of villages is visualised in the buffer area, and forestry operations, NTFP collection and other rights and concessions to the local people are permitted in a regulated manner to complement the initiatives in the core unit.

Project Tiger is undisputedly a custodian of major gene pool. The selection of reserves was guided by representation of ecotypical wilderness areas across the biogeographic range of tiger distribution in the country.

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Share with your friends. 4. Project Tiger was launched in in India. The project aims at tiger conservation in specially constituted 'tiger reserves, which are representative of various bio-geographical regions within the country.

Is committed to maintaining a viable population of tigers in the wild. Project Tiger is a tiger conservation programme launched in by the Government of India during Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's tenure.

The project aims at ensuring a viable population of Bengal tigers in their natural habitats, protecting them from extinction. Click here 👆 to get an answer to your question ️ a paragraph on project tiger ( words)/5(29).

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