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In recent years, however, they have really turned this around and students can read Uc personal essay prompts 2012 page about the prompts, review tips for writing, and watch a YouTube video. What was the immediate problem? Do you have a mindblowing ability? Pride implies that you are the best, top dog, better than everyone else, the winner, all that.

Likewise, winning the chance travel to Italy to paint landscapes with a master is clearly rare and amazing, but some opportunities are more specialized and less obviously impressive.

Personal Quality, Talent, Accomplishment…UC Prompt #2

How did your actions benefit others, the wider community or both? They want to know what makes you proud of yourself.

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But in reality, there is creativity in all fields. Explain how you took the bull by the horns. How did you do it? You can define community as you see fit, just make sure you talk about your role in that community. Describe your solution to the problem, or your contribution to resolving the ongoing issue.

Have you done an outstanding thing? What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are? You could discuss the emotional fallout of having dramatically succeeded, or how your maturity level, concrete skills, or understanding of the situation has increased, now that you have dealt with it personally.

Find a Conflict or a Transition The first question asked for a description, but this one wants a story — a narrative of how you do your special talent, or how you accomplished the thing you were so great at. Explain the Dilemma Before you can tell your story of leading, brokering peace, or having a lasting impact on other people, you have to give your reader a frame of reference and a context for your actions.

Show Insight Your essay should include some thoughtful consideration of how this creative pursuit has shaped you, your thoughts, your opinions, your relationships with others, your understanding of creativity in general, or your dreams about your future.

The secret to writing a terrific personal statement is to find a terrific topic.

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So, your job is to explain what you spend time creating. If that applies to you, what have you done to further that interest?

Did you do research? In general, the first, setup, section of the essay should be shorter, since it will not be focused on what you were doing. Insight and Personal Development The second part of the last essay asked you to look to the future.

The writers of these essay questions usually add words and ideas that they think will help the student start brainstorming. A challenge could be personal, or something you have faced in your community or school.

Because these questions tend to be repeated each year with my new set of students, I thought you might benefit from some of the answers.These college essays are from students who got accepted at University of California Untitled (Prompt #1) Dreams are shaped by ideals and families shape the beliefs we grasp so strongly.

Someday I want to save and change lives through a medical career. UC Essays - Describe your world & personal talent. Mar 23,  · How to answer Prompt #2 of the University of California application essay, which is asking for a personal statement essay.

UPDATE: as of March 23, The University of California announced NEW essay prompts for Prompt 8 of the new UC Personal Insight Questions is pretty open-ended and therefore it can be a bit difficult to come up with a topic.

However, it’s actually a really solid UC essay prompt. Below is a UC essay example for prompt 8 as a source of inspiration. Many students are not sure where to start when they first read the two UC essay prompts.

Danielle Bianchi Golod answers many of the most commonly asked questions. More Than UC Personal Statement Prompt Examples last edited by Danielle Bianchi Golod on April 24, 64 Comments. at am Elizabeth, please see the contact page.

Watch video · UC University of California. The personal insight questions are about getting to know you better — your life experience, interests, ambitions and inspirations. For those of you who don't know abt this essay, the below passages are taken from UC main webpage (University of California - Personal statement): Responses to your two prompts must be a maximum of 1, words total.

Uc personal essay prompts 2012
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