The ethical problems of tourism sex

For example, lies, misleading information in travel brochures, and distorted media images are frequently used in advertising. In Saudi Arabia, women, in the name of strongly held religious and cultural beliefs, are not allowed to serve as corporate managers.

In the developed world, however, such practice is unacceptable. If those improvements were adapted, the company could be truly ethical to the local people. I therefore conclude that sex tourism is a negative way to attract tourist to go on our country.

Bribery is a common ethical business practice not only in the developing nations of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, but also in the developed countries. One of the areas in which individualistic and collectivistic nations differ most is that of gender equality. The Asia Foundation In the Philippines, the Asia Foundation supported Pulse Asia in conducting research that helped launch an advocacy campaign for drafting a law on trafficking —the Anti-trafficking Law was passed in May Some tourism developments take the homes and livelihoods from the people who live in the destination.

In poor countries some companies hire underage children as cheap labor. Different research studies outlined that the main ethical dilemmas that have direct relevance to the tourism and hospitality industry are bribery and corruption, gender and racial discrimination, sexual harassment, exploitation of child labor, child sexual harassment, violation of human rights, harming natural resources, selling of unhealthy food, false and misleading advertising, nepotism, and even software piracy.

Only a small percentage of the money that we as consumers pay for the holiday is actually staying in the local community. Republic Act The Local Government Code of includes provisions for the proper development and welfare of children at the basic political level, the Barraging.

This is because the company tries to take care of the environmental impacts, and also they put pressure on their suppliers such as hotels, to make sure that they give business and job opportunities in the local community. International Labour Organization ILO Manila ILO Manila undertakes programs to improve health and safety consciousness, eliminate extreme forms of child labor and provide safety nets for marginalized workers.

This consumer behaviour do not benefit local people and is unethical.

The Ethical Problems of Tourism: Sex Tourism Essay Sample

Many senior administrative positions are held by women. The child protection law, Republic Act No. In Korea, better employment opportunities and salaries are for men, even when women are more skilled and talented. This is why it is important to raise awareness of the issues that the local communities around the world have to face, so the future developments can be sustainable.

It is of course certain that TUI is not fully ethical, as they still offer packages for people on budget, which creates and encourages an unethical consumer behaviour. Lying and providing other companies and customers with false information is a com-plex ethical dilemma.

Similarly, nations differ in their attitudes toward copyright violations.

The enclave tourism resorts in a lot of instances also commercialise the local culture to suit the expectations of tourists, which gives the wrong perception to people of what the actual destination is, which is a false advertisement of the local life. In poor countries it is a common practice to sell underage children for sexual practices.

This type of tourism only give little opportunities to the businesses that supply the hotel with food, drinks, toiletries and to the staff who is employed.

In Canada, the United States, and Europe, copyright violations are unethical. Corruption includes bribery, nepotism, extortion, dishonestly appropriating goods, usually money, by one to whom the money has been entrusted embezzlementand utilization of resources and facilities which do not belong to the individual for his own private purposes.

What TUI means by this term is that they want to make sure their holidays benefit local people and protect the environment. In Western countries such favoritism is regarded unacceptable.SPECIFIC ETHICAL ISSUES Ethics (also known as moral philosophy) is a branch of philosophy which seeks to address questions about morality; that is, about concepts such as good and bad, right and wrong, justice, and are ethical issues involve in sex tourism because of the it has negative consequences in health, social and cultural.

This section gives a specific and detail account on issues related to medical and sex tourism, tourism and indigenous population and tourism for physically and mentally challenged travellers.

The fast development of medical tourism for example provokes a number of ethical concerns for both - hosting destinations and tourist-generating.

The ethical dilemmas in tourism and hospitality

The United Nations World Tourism Association defines sex tourism in their Global Code of Ethics for Tourism as “trips organized from within the tourism sector, or from outside this sector but using its structures and networks, with the primary purpose of effecting a commercial sexual relationship by the tourist with residents at the destination.

The Ethical Problems of Tourism: Sex Tourism Essay Sample. Sex tourism is the term used for travel with the intent to engage in sexual activity. Unlike in for this reason the country was not included in the acclaimed list of “The Developing World"s 10 Best Ethical Destinations” announced annually by the Ethical Traveler.

Costa Rica is beginning to acquire the same status as places such as Thailand and Vietnam, notoriously known destinations for sex tourism.

Ethical Travel Issues. Child Rights Impacts in Travel and Tourism.


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The ethical problems of tourism sex
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