Technology and cultural forms debates models and dialogues

Indicative reading Barrett, Estelle and Barbara Bolt Facilities Our students have access to state-of-the-art facilities including well-equipped lecture and seminar rooms, exhibition spaces, computer facilities and digital media suites.

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Other notable theorists, especially Theodor Adorno, Max HorkheimerHerbert Marcuseand others associated with the so-called Frankfurt Schoolhave proposed viewing mass entertainment as a veritable "culture industry" that neutralizes the potential for dissent in western societies and thus dominates populations through consent.

The second compulsory core module is Technology and Cultural Form - debates, models, dialogues and this develops questions of technology, power, politics and subjectivity which were introduced in the first core module.

That is, such festivals were not so much expressions of a preexisting national unity as they were attempts to create such unity through festivity itself, thus "performing" the very unity whose existence they proclaimed. Wells, Liz ed Late applications will only be considered if there are spaces available.

Students have the opportunity to view firsthand the works discussed in the class, and to research and write critically about those works for an exhibition at the Ulrich Museum of Art the following semester. By challenging the "natural" aspects of human life, Foucault does not recommend that we deny the materiality of the body but, as he explains toward the end of The History of Sexuality, Volume One, that we "make it visible through an analysis in which the biological and the historical are not consecutive to one another.

Muslim societies have produced artworks of extraordinary vitality and diversity across three continents over the course of years.

Following Nietzsche, Foucault claims that the will to know is a desire to order the world into categories and hierarchies that seek to effect control as well as create order.

Progress is carefully monitored, to make sure that you are making progress towards the achievement of the outcomes. The exact conceptual and methodological direction of the research must initially come from the student, though this will be developed and reworked in discussion with the personal supervisor.

Directed readings and projects. Johann Gottfried Herder, for instance, emphasized the feelings and traditions that bind a people or Volk together, including common customs, common experiences, and most importantly common language.

In such matters interpretive history is perhaps best suited, largely because many of the traditional text sources are often not available for, say, everyday life in a peasant village during the Middle Ages. Whether social history and the "new" cultural history are one and the same, or whether they continue to express different if overlapping orbits, is not yet fully resolved.

The influence of Foucault is palpable in many areas of new cultural history, particularly in works that inquire into the relationship between systems of knowledge, and power relationships in various national contexts.

Traditionally seen as committed only to truth and remaining "disinterested" in the pursuit of social status or professional accolades, knowledge has been often seen not only as distinct from power, but as its veritable antithesis.

Utilizing the heuristic fiction of an originary state of nature wherein men rationally consented to become a society for the mutual protection of life and propertythese liberal theories assumed an atomistic view of society in which isolated individuals pursued their own self-interest without the mediation of anything beyond their own minds.

Careers Skills We provide graduates with skills that are cutting edge: The central outcome will be to design and conduct a substantial practice-based research project. The length of the textual element should normally be between 5, and 10, words. Please make sure you include your application reference number which you will receive when you enter your online application and the MA degree title.

While this "one-sex" medical model hardly guaranteed equality among the sexes, it remained firmly in place until two sexes were discovered in the late eighteenth century. Examines the theoretical, conceptual and technical trends that underpin global contemporary art and design practices, as well as their changing relationships to various art historical models and events.

Media, Communications and Cultural Studies.6 Technology Challenges Facing Education. Resistance to technology comes in many forms, but one of the key resistance challenges identified in the report is "comfort with the status quo." engineering, and math).

In the case of 3D printers, physical models of fossils or proteins or molecules or other objects can be whipped up on the fly. CULTURAL HISTORY AND NEW CULTURAL HISTORYChristopher E.

Digital Media: Technology and Cultural Form - MA

Forth Source for information on Cultural History and New Cultural History: of a monolithic cultural tradition with the aid of anthropological models. NEW CULTURAL HISTORY: INFLUENCES AND ENGAGEMENTS recognize the centrality of language to the production of cultural forms.

Technology and Cultural Form: Debates, Models, Dialogues 30 credits This is the second core module in the MA in Digital Media: Technology and Cultural Form programme and it offers a series of debates, models and dialogues on the issue of technology and cultural form.

Linda Lützau Nielsen. Consultant at Information Security, Centre for IT, Medical Technology and Telephony Services (Capital Region of Denmark) Forms of Techno-social Life, Technology & Cultural Form Debates Models Dialogues.

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Although there is no graduate degree in art history, the following courses are available. theoretical term.

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Themes, topics and artistic/design-based references in this class change and respond to current debates and dialogues informing art and design practice. anime, Orientalism and Occidentalism as theoretical models, cultural.

Technology and cultural forms debates models and dialogues
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