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So, everybody coming to settle in Canada would go east of the Great Lakes because the west BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan was reserved for the fur trade. Were the Upper Classes able to avoid manual labor?

Women from upper classes had to work alongside women from lower classes. Most immigrants were poor and desperate so they travelled in the steerage, where the conditions were terrible.

He was sent out of the country by the government. What were the clergy reserves? Women in Upper Canada defined themselves according to their social class.

Socials 10

What were the duties of upper-class women in Upper Socials 10 notes Important, rich families controlled everything, even the government so poor people could not advance. Most immigrants came from Britain.

These pieces of land were not Socials 10 notes in one spot — they were scattered and they were not used. Compare and contrast the Rebellions of in Upper and Lower Canada. Also, birth rate was high — many kids were born — but infant death was high too — many kids would die young because of disease and lack of proper care.

The Socials 10 notes government wanted to copy the British system of landowning in Canada. In what part of the ships did most immigrants to BNA in the early 19th century travel?

What types of people made up this group? First immigrants came from Great Britain and the United States. Not everyone could join; they acted like a private club and only those rich enough or holding nobility title could join. Most speculators were rich people from the upper classes who just came, bought land and they waited for the prices to go up as most and more immigrants came and wanted to buy some land.

What made life in Canada quite difficult at this time? Doing farming meant that many people had to cut down the forest by themselves, make the land good for planting and then plant. What was the name given to the ruling elite in Upper Canada?

These people were loyalists from England — they believed they were English living in another land; they were snobbish and controlled all the government money and appointments.

They also had to care for the children and many of them had many children because people valued large families.

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They got it from richer people. The class system was keeping most people in a lower social class. What social group did the British government consider to be the best to control most of the land in Upper Canada?

No proper medical care; no hygiene; poor sanitation — caused infections; only the rich could afford midwives and servants who helped make childbirth safer REVIEW QUESTIONS 1.View Notes - Socials 10 Chapter 6 Horizon Notes from SOCIALS SS10 at Killarney Secondary School.

CH.6 NOTES -The Oregon Territory -Russia, USA, and HBC interested in land -HBC: had no interest in%(2). BC Social Studies 1A What is Social Studies 1B Review of Canada's role in WWI 1C Canada at the end of WWI 1D Canada and the Roaring 20s 1E Canada and the Great Depression (e.g.

Unit Tests with critical thinking questions and access to your notes). Socials 10 Exam Notes. Chapter 1 Colonies in the Wilderness, Vocabulary *Upper Canada: ³up´ the St.

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Social studies is the term we’ve given to the collective study of the social sciences, humanities and history, which covers a vast range of topics within.

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Socials 10 notes
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