Prepaid energy meter based on gsm

It is hoped that this work helps the consumers for better energy management and its utility in the distribution system for economic liability of the Electrical Boards.

This paper work exposes the purpose of energy monitoring and controlling by implementing prepaid system. The microcontroller pulls the SMS received by phone, decodes it, recognizes the Mobile no.

Consumer can check its balance in LCD attached with the module and be prepare for the next recharge in advance. Hung Cheng Chen [2] proposed a wireless automatic meter reading system in This requires large number of labour operators and long working hours to accomplish the task.

This module will reduce the burden of energy providing bye stablishing the connection easily and no theft of power will takes place. If the number is valid then receive the recharged amount from the service provider.

Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Technology

On the one hand, those that support the diffusion of prepaid meters claim that they benefit both consumers and utilities because they help users to consume more efficiently and to improve the management of their budget, while allowing firms to reduce financial costs.

The whole system is interfaced with PIC microcontroller. The printed billing also has the tendency of getting lost. The meters currently in use are only capable of recording kWh units. Smart energy meters will bring a solution of creating awareness on unnecessary wastage of power and will tend to reduce wastage of power.

MejbauiHaque [6] develop a microcontroller based single phase digitalprepaid energy meter for improved meter and billing system. The GSM modem is serially connected with the controller which is the major communication module between User and provider.

It is used to create the hyper terminal window in Windows 7 OS. If the number is invalid then enter the correct number. The GSM infrastructure, which has national wide coverage, can be used to request and retrieve power consumption notification over individual houses and flats.

In this system GSM digital power meter installed in every consumer unite and electricity ebillingsystem at the energy provider side. The kWh units used then still have to be recorded by meter readers monthly, on foot. Every consumer can recharge RFID tag assigned and recharge its meter at various ranges i.

Enter the card number. The LCD is interfaced to microcontroller using parallel port connection.

Thissystem is divided into two part such as client and server. When the electricity is consumed, then the recharged amount will get decremented. The relay acts as switching device to cut off and restore power supply. This technology is chip and low cost.prepaid energy meter development of gsm based embedded system for prepaid energy meter.

Introduction: The concept of this project is similar as any mobile communication GSM BasedAutomatic Energy Meter Reading System with Instant. The project is designed for reading electrical energy consumed in units and in rupees to display on an LCD screen to the user.

This data is also provided to the electrical department using GSM technology for billing purposes. Jul 16,  · Get the project kit at A demonstration of prepaid energy meter based biling.

Smart Card Based Prepaid Energy Meters In this type of prepaid energy meter, there are two main components; one is smart card and another one is smart card. • SMART CARD based prepaid Energy Meters Smart card is a credit card sized plastic card embedded with an integrated circuit (IC) and usually it consists of a ROM.

Prepaid Electricity Energy Meter is a good concept in which you can recharge its balance, like we do in our mobile phones. In this project we are building a automated system by using Arduino and GSM module.

Prepaid energy meter based on gsm
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