Massage business plan risk assessment

Tim Feher is a senior partner and creative director with Blue Bear Media, www. In order to provide this critical element, you need to address safety and security precautions to your massage business.

It must be feasible, scalable, and flexible enough to make it unique among competitors in the marketplace. Do you have a different or new approach? They clearly detail the services, expectations, rules, boundaries, and consequences.

When we go to our physician we sign a contract to agree to receive medical treatment. Case Study This example risk assessment is intended to show the kind of approach we expect a small business to take.

The Business Plan

To summarize, being a sole proprietor has many benefits, such as flexibility, autonomy, and higher potential revenue. A number of basic inputs should be used and continually updated in your business model calculations: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Truth From new graduates to seasoned therapists, I hear the woes of business and ensuing conflicts from poor management practices, poor communication and misinformation running rampant in the Massage Therapy world.

This often makes for an unfocused business: Massage business owners should still prepare themselves for litigation by retaining legal counsel and maintaining documentation on each session.

Unrealistic, inaccurate or poorly tested calculations in the business model are the cause for many business failures and bankruptcies.

Safety & Security: Risk Management for Massage Therapy Practices

In fact a road map and a business plan have a lot in common. Most states require that massage workers undergo specific training and that they are licensed with a state agency. It means we can ask questions that more accurately determine what would be a fair fee based on the services offered.

Have a plan for handling inappropriate comments or behavior by clients. Set office policies regarding personal property, loss, restricted access and personal privacy Install an emergency buzzer in case you need to call for assistance.

The object is to plan for success and manage your cash flow. Risk Management for Massage Therapy Practices Clients look to your massage practice for a relaxing safe haven. Feher is also a former part-time professor at Algonquin College where he has lectured on business development and marketing to third-year massage therapy students.

The questions could be: When I started college I had envisioned a lot of candle light and Enya music. Maybe you would like a small local clinic with a solid team and tight knit network of professionals. I thought I was ready to take on the role of a sole proprietor, that my education had prepared me for life as a healthcare professional.

What services are not included in my association fees but are necessary for me to conduct business? Financial Planning Scenarios — Your whole business plan, up to this point, has provided the full strategic background to allow you to now develop a prudent and practical set of financial scenarios under which the business can be operated.

Listen to the feedback. If something should happen in a sole prop.Whether you’re the sole proprietor of a small massage therapy practice, a business partner in a health and wellness clinic, or an owner-manager of a large spa, retail and multi-service business, the business plan is your road map, and your most important management tool, for.

Every day, thousands of people enjoy the benefits of massage.

The Risks of a Massage Company

A good massage can improve blood circulation, loosen muscles and promote overall relaxation. Massage businesses, whether they function as one-person operations or as a posh spa facility, take on some risks unique to their industry.

Risk Assessment Worksheet and Management Plan Form Page 1 of 12 Customer/Project Name: The Basics There are four steps to assessing and managing risks, and effective risk management requires all four of them.

Risk Assessment For Massage Therapy Business Plan Business Plan Outline – Mohave Community College Chiropractic services, massage therapy and nutritional guidance.

Preparing a risk management plan and business impact analysis The process of identifying risks, assessing risks and developing strategies to manage risks is known as risk management.

Risk Assessment For Massage Therapy Business

A risk management plan and a business impact analysis are important parts of your business continuity plan. These five things are fundamental to the success of a Massage Therapy business, whether it be a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Of course, there’s always the option to jump overboard and take your chances in the shark infested waters of small business.

62% of small businesses in Canada launch without a business plan.

Massage business plan risk assessment
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