Information about apiculture

It has a dimension of 8 x 3. Classic designs evolved in each country: Bee stings are painful, and no one becomes immune to the pain.

Finding Beekeeping Clubs and Mentors

If the combs are so manipulated that the queen can continually expand her egg-laying area upward, the colony is unlikely to swarm. Such persons should obtain the services of a medical doctor immediately. The best food is pure honey, ripe and sealed, watery honey sours during the winter, sour honey leads to diarrhea, aso you shoud avoid the honey collected from the heather and other plants that contain a lot of pollen, honey from the honey-dew.


Frequently, strong colonies exhaust their food supply and starve only a few days before flowers begin to bloom in abundance. Some of these hybrids are marketed under specific brand names, such as the Buckfast Bee or Midnite Bee.

The division is set at 0. The best control for this pest is keeping colonies strong. In short - applied, local knowledge. Two colonies per acre are recommended for almond orchards and about one colony per acre in apple orchards.

InAbushady patented a removable, standardized aluminum honeycomb. The liquid honey from the destroyed brood nest was strained through a sieve or basket. The spores are highly resistant to heat and chemicals.

Sometimes this fighting, or robbing, becomes intense and spreads from hive to hive in moblike action.

They also collect pollenthe dustlike male element, from the anthers of flowers. These included the mystery of the queen bee as the mother of nearly all the occupants of the hive, her curious mating technique, parthenogenetic development, the movable frame hives, and the fact that bees rear a new queen if the old one disappears.

Now what do I do?


The nest was destroyed the following evening, removed and taken to the Fera lab Sand Hutton, York on Friday 29th Sept. Just place two drops of liquid on the prism, close the prism cover, and look through the eyepiece to read the measurements.Beekeeping: Beekeeping, care and management of colonies of honeybees.

They are kept for their honey and other products or their services as pollinators of fruit and vegetable blossoms or as a hobby. The practice is widespread: honeybees are kept in large cities and. The New Zealand honey and beekeeping industry is a vibrant and growing contributor to New Zealand’s economy, nationally respected; internationally recognised.

OnFarm Safety Apiculture Health and Safety manuals and modules available for hive site sites, beekeepers, and apiaries. Information about bee farming can be found in many ancient books.

Bee had a particular importance in the ancient times, honey was used for healing purposes.

Keeping Bees: Using the Top-Bar Beekeeping Method

Honey, as a beverage, is known since ancient times: the ancient Greeks called it “οίνομέλι”. Learning Together and Forever.

One aspect of beekeeping that is attractive for many is that the learning never stops.

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A great deal of information is available to you online and that content is ever expanding. BeeBase is the National Bee Unit website and provides a wide range of free beekeeping information for UK Beekeepers. Beekeeping is not just a hobby or a commercial business. It is also an art and science by application.

Many beekeepers find satisfaction and fulfillment in this field especially when the hive is at the stage of producing honey. We all know that honey is the main product, but there is one important information about honey that a beekeeper should.

Information about apiculture
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