Indian traditional dresses

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Dresses and Jewellery Traditions across different States of India

Our collection includes Indian outfits ranging from day to day wearable salwar suits to elegant bridal wedding sarees to party wear sarees; all designed and customomized to your fit. It is known by various traditional names like Odhni, Chunari, Chunni and even just Unni which is the name called by people of the Gujarati community Most of the men in the north east region wear dhoti-kurta for casual and merriments.

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What about Crow religion? Crow men and women both wore their Indian traditional dresses either loose or in two braids, but Crow men often styled the front of their hair into pompadours or other styles, and sometimes wrapped their braids in fur.

The regal golden threads woven to give ancient designs such as temple, mango butti and others makes it one of the best bridal trousseau wear in the list of Indian states and their dresses.

Pants, skirts, minis, you name it and they wear it! Five primary colours Suddha-varnas were identified and complex colours Misra — varnas were categorised by their many hues. Both genders took part in storytelling, artwork and music, and traditional medicine.

Gadwal saris are rich brocaded sari with floral, fauna, mythological designs, kalamkari prints adorned on the pallu and border of the saree. And this flax is either whiter in colour than any other flax, or the people being black make the flax appear whiter. The Europeans who first met them were surprised by how often the Crow tribe fought with their neighbors, yet how easily they made peace with each other when they were done fighting.

So start shopping now! Our website was first created in and last updated in Here is a website with Native American cradleboard pictures.

Both are often patterned. The leaf necklace is another elegant jewelry of Kerala, which has emerald stones studded in the form of a leaf. The third piece is called a Riha, which is worn under the Sador.

As India has vivid and vibrant festivals to celebrate, there is no dearth of opportunities to shop here for beautiful Indian clothes. Assam traditional attire for women is the Mekhela Chador, which is almost like half saree, but the draping is different.

Storytelling is very important to the Crow Indian culture. The standard cotton lungi is available in a variety of colors with stripes, checks or plain and also in white. Bone needles and wooden spindles have been unearthed in excavations at the site.

Probably this rumor got started because the Aztecs and Mayas, like the ancient Egyptians, built pyramids. Some of their favorite trading partners included the Mandan and Flathead Salish tribes. Festivals Festivals come and go throughout the year, giving many serious shopping goals.

The top portion of the three-piece dress, called the Sador Assamese: Kanchipuram saris are the epitome of grandeur, royal and tradition. The customs followed by Indian people vary across length and breadth of the country. A wedding, a festive celebration, or an exciting outing with your family, putting on ethnic makes the occasion even more special with your decking up for the event.

Gamosa is a sign of respect and love. Like other Plains Indian tribes, the Crows lived in the tall, cone-shaped buffalo-hide houses known as tipis or teepees.

You also get to choose the color of the outfits and the fabric your child is most comfortable with. We are blessed to be a country with such assortment of sartorial choices. Nearly all Crow people speak English today, but many speak their native Crow language as well.

For those who love to flaunt traditional ethnic wearNihal Fashions offers traditional outfits for every occasion, age, and gender. White is worn by Hindus for mourning whereas Christians wear white to weddings. Browse through our wonderful range of Indian dresses online on the website to revamp your wardrobe or add to ever-growing collection of Indian ethnic wear.

Pochampally silk sari is another gorgeous saree that is handwoven with ikat designs and is a bridal pick as its light weight and has a glossy finish.Nihal Fashions is a leading Indian clothing store offering traditional & wedding clothes for men, women and kids.


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‘Gho’ is the national dress for men in Bhutan. It is a long robe hoisted up until it is knee-length. The hoisted cloth is held in place with a woven cloth. About Us. has vast range of Indian dresses online, with a lot of different options available to choose from.

You can also find saris, jewelry, and other accessories that help to enhance the desired effect of your dress. Traditional clothing in India varies with region, religion and community.

What do Indians wear?

Every state of India has its own culture, traditions and lifestyle to follow and to celebrate fairs and festivals with these traditions. Festival season is the best way to explore India and its culture, which is unique in every state.

India is a land of color and diverse cultures, so obvious in the varied dresses. Indian women wearing the sari. Though sari is popularly believed to be the traditional dress for Indian women, there are other dresses that are either region specific or culture specific which are also considered to be part of Indian traditional Punjab the traditional dress is Salwar Kameez and in Rajasthan it is Gagra Choli or also known.

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Indian traditional dresses
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