High school athletics good or bad

Not only are there physical dangers, there are also psychological dangers such as anxiety, the weight of peer pressure, and the depression of losing and letting your team down.

While participating in high school sports, there are many different forms of peer pressure. If your teammates are hanging out with out you and you know they are, you might ask to hang out with them.

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Getting sports scholarships to college, or having something that makes a student well-rounded, which will give them a competitive edge to get into college is a good thing, but it should not be the only thing.

Psychological Dangers The want and desire to win can sometimes be overwhelming to a high school athlete. High School can be very frustrating, especially during senior year. It is necessary to prioritize what comes first and comes before and after what.

A student can be pressured into doing a variety of immature activities like partaking in drugs, alcohol, doing idiotic dares, to possibly even fighting or high risk activities.

While playing high school sports, an athlete is vulnerable to a variety of physical injuries that range from minor fractures or pulled muscles, to major fractures and breaks, even up to carrer ending injuries. Yes, I know that poverty is a factor, but she has some very valid points.

Physical Dangers

When women and girls can walk on the playing field, they are more likely to step into the classroom, the boardroom, and step out as leaders in society.

There are kids who play on travel teams that take them around the state or across stateliness. Too many kids living in poverty in other countries do not get an opportunity to play a sport, so the United Nations, along with the State Department are trying to do something about it.

Though my opinions are my own, I do not purport to be an authority on this issue. The content on this page was compiled as part of an assignment in a web design class.

A very small percentage of students go from collegiate athlete to professional athlete, and if academics were the top priority from a very young age, they would be focused on that priority by the time they get to college.

Sports should not be the number one priority of a school Although there are tons of positive benefits participating in high school sports, there are some negative effects that come with the territory.

If you click on the "The Good" link, it will further detail many of the pros of participating in high school sports such as personal development, physical fitness, physical and psychological benefits, and college prep. Wanting to be the hero and the one that saves the team in a clutch situation can put so much stress on an athlete, they can be calm and collective all the way up until the time to go, and then they can start sweating, worrying and over thinking everything.

Though my opinions are my own, I do not purport to be an authority on this issue. If they are playing a sport so they can exercise and find something they can play throughout life, then they are playing for the right reasons.

Principal Ruiz was so excited that he went out and took pictures of the parking lot, jammed with cars. So find some real friends on the team that wont make you do something to be able to hang out with them. Whether its being hit with a helmet to helmet tackle in foot ball and getting a concussion or injuring your neck, or being hit by a fastball in the back or ribcage and having a broken or fractured rib, or even rolling your ankle coming down from jumping up for a rebound in basketball.

Superintendent Ernest Singleton suspended the program to focus on academics and save money. The thought of letting down your school, your team, your coach, your parents, and the fans can be such a toll on the mind of a high high school athlete.Common Mistakes Made by High School Athletic Directors She got my attention when she said to me, "You are not a very good listener." At that point, I felt embarrassed and angry, and she had my full attention.

Ultimately, it was a great lesson for me. a company focused on assisting, encouraging and challenging high school athletic. The Case Against High-School Sports. interested in sports but I doubt it will do much good to their engagement with school.” percent of seniors participate in high-school athletics, and.

Sep 18,  · Are Sports Good or Bad for Schools? moving its classes to the high-school building; the elementary school hadn't employed an art or a music teacher in.

The Good: When it comes to participating in high school sports there are many positive benefits, from being able to develop a wide variety of athletic skills and talents, to being able to. Home Page | The Good | The Bad Participating in high school sports can be very beneficial but it can also be physically endangering.

No matter what the sport, there is always that chance of getting injured in some way.

Whether its being hit with a helmet to helmet tackle even fighting or high risk activities. When you are on a team you. Have Sports Teams Brought Down America’s Schools? And why should they have to make a special trip to the high school so their kids could study trig identities?

It’s too bad that their.

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High school athletics good or bad
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