Good conclusion for gay marriage essay

Arranged marriages have been the norm for most people in the world. The legalization of gay marriage does not in any way take away from traditional, heterosexual marriages. Taking the word malakos to mean soft in a metaphorical way, we see that some form of sexual behavior is most likely being condemned.

Show people really are penalized for expressing their true feelings? My goal in writing has been to offer a different perspective — one that demonstrates it is possible to affirm both the authority of Scripture for Christians and support the institution of marriage being offered to same-sex couples.

Therefore, by allowing same sex marriage sanctity of marriage would be violated. Same sex marriage does no harm to society. They believe that the family institution is protected through heterosexual marriage whose main aim is to procreate. Under the Law — the Tanakh We examined three passages, taking into account some cultural context, Hebrew word study, and cross-referencing in the context of all of Scripture.

And soon, it will hopefully be with great pride that she calls her partner, Jackie, her wife. What is the Goal?

Gender is a factor in neither of those needs. But what really is the solution to this problem? They believe that same sex marriage is perfectly natural. Treating same-sex couples as families under law could even save taxpayers money because marriage would require them to assume legal responsibility for their joint living expenses and reduce their dependence on public assistance programs such as Medicaid, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Supplemental Security Income disability payments and food stamps.

The church believes that God wants marriage which is between a man and a woman. Denying same sex couples marriage sometimes denies their children the medical and insurance benefits given to children of standard couples.

The Effeminate and Sodomites in 1 Corinthians: Also, it is important for mental health that same sex couples be given the same rights, benefits, and responsibilities as heterosexual couples.

Getting married is a decision which is personal and private.

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Often when it comes to religion, moral decision making is on the grounds of religious history and interpretation and conversations religious have with religious texts and other religious leaders that lead proper and just ways of dealing with moral issues.

President Bush and the Pope have both come out publicly against the sanction of same-sex unions. Other Parts of the Conversation There are other common objections to homosexuality and gay marriage in Christian circles that we have not addressed here, both inside and outside of the Bible.

Same sex marriages have some disadvantages while on the other hand, it can mean denial of basic rights to enjoy the human benefits.Dec 10,  · Best Answer: It isn't enough to say that banning gay marriage is wrong, in and of itself.

That is not an argument, but a statement assuming a foregone conclusion. We both know that this is *not* a forgone conclusion, for it it were, there would be no reason for you to write and argumentative essay, now would there?Status: Resolved. If gay marriage was legalized they can have the same rights as heterosexuals in terms of adoption and medical rights (Lopez 46).

Conclusion In conclusion, issue of same sex marriage has raised many debates for many years. Sep 16,  · Supporting gay marriage is a sin because it means to support homosexuality and the perversion of Holy Matrimony.

If a nation legalizes gay marriage, that nation will be cursed. Homosexuality is caused by Resolved. Argumentative Essay On Gay Marriage.

King Grammar and Composition lesson 75 Argumentative Essay on Gay Marriage Marriage is the ceremonial binding of two people, male and female, into one couple. Historically, marriage has been the institution when a man and a woman join together with the promise of love, devotion, to always stay.

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Persuasive Essay on Same Sex Marriage

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Conclusion for The Issues of same-Sex Marriage and Religion

Enter tip for section. Gay marriage allows same-sex partners to have the same legal rights in hospital visits, inheritance and more, as their hetero counterparts. Conclusion. Seed - Starting Sentence Option 1: As you can see, the evidence proves that. - The purpose of this essay is to analyze fastidiously and personalize Warner’s Beyond Gay Marriage article.

Three convergent points of Warner’s argument will be broken down, and examined. First, the concept that marriage consecrates some pairs at the cost of .

Good conclusion for gay marriage essay
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