Effective communication in health and social care 2 essay

The patients suffer from their problems and health issues which could disturb their mindset and here in this scenario, the effective communication of employees could help patients in getting over in their behavioral challenges.

People working in Health and Social Care need to effectively use verbal communication to past accurate information to other professionals to provide the best possible service they can give. Empowerment and the performance of health services. Thus here the gestures and nonverbal communication skills are also required to be developed.

This could be helpful for people with learning disability to learn new things. The listening skill must get priority by the higher authorities. The policies are strict rules and regulations which are Effective communication in health and social care 2 essay by organizations under the influence of legal environment.

The major method for dealing with inappropriate interpersonal communication is identifying the root cause of the problem. However, not all of them can use this system because of certain reasons such as if they lost there arm or fingers.

This mostly lead them to lose confidence to communicate with other people because they are embarrass about it. The staff people should get training for these signs and code language as well. Nelson Thornes Collins, S. However depending on the condition of the patient, for example a sever stroke the patient may not be able to comprehend the understating of the picture.

Effective communication in health and social care Essay Sample

Such kind of programs could be arranged on the regular basis to make the working environment pleasant Koprowska, Communication is used in Health and Social Care all the time. The value and culture must include the respect giving attitude and most importantly the environment of support must be fostered.

Further to deal with the patients suffering from complex health needs the strategy of innovation could be effective. Without adequate security, it is impossible to support the service users in health and social care setting.

The technologies like proper storage of information, providing the facilities etc. If the values and cultures are not effective and positive than it could hamper the communication process at very large scale. It shows respect and value for the other colleagues as they have to listen and it is also a friendly environment.

Written communication can be informal or formal depending on the recipient. Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work. The training sessions could be delivered with respect to understanding the gestures and facial expressions of the patients. If once the problems have been identified then it becomes easier to avoid the interpersonal communication.

Furthermore, informal communication is use when talking to family and friends. It injects the responsible and disciplined approach among the staff people. It includes both verbal and non-verbal communication within the health and social care sector.

In both the situation the values and cultures and not properly inherited so it hampers the communication process. Thus, these responses can affect their performance and their future developmental opportunities could be encouraged.

This is effective because it is sent straight to their house so they will see it. A lot of people find it really hard to have a 1 on 1 conversation because of their anxiety or scared to received a bad news about their health so professionals must think of this all the time.

For the same purpose, the technology could be used along with traditional methods of communication. Roles and functions of the communication executive — results from a shadowing study. The communication will be difficult but it could be reduced by a help of an interpreter.

Communication management as a second-order management function: The name Makaton is derived from the 3 creators name Margaret, Katharine and Tony. Braille is a combination of six embossed dots which is arrange in two dots wide and in column of 3 dots.

You can be very clear in what you are writing in a letter and if it is informative it makes the patient feel organised. Further, the higher authorities can definitely make certain common code language for various gestures and signs used within the health and social care setting.

Thus in this way the policies are favorable for the effective communication process.Effective communication in health and social care Essay Sample.

Communication is two or more people conveying to understand each other. They just don’t exchange, encode-decode, information, news, idea and feelings but also create and share meaning. To make my communication interactions with the service user’s in one-to one interaction and group interactions effective I did not use any slang or jargon with the service user’s because we were having a formal interaction therefore the use or jargon or slang was not suitable there.

Nov 19,  · Effective communication skills used in health and social care settings should be based on emotional and social needs of clients (Clarke, et al., ).

Care workers’ communication skills should provide a comprehensive action plan for enhancing one-to-one communication (Fisher, )/5(4).

Barriers to communication in health and social care - Assignment Example

Introduction 2 Apply relevant theories of communication to health and social care contexts 3 Use communication skills in health and social care context 4 Review methods of dealing with inappropriate interpersonal communication between individuals in health and social care settings 5 Analyze the use of strategies to support users.

The effective communication process is highly significant for the health and social care sector. If they have effective communication process then it could enable them to focus on fulfilling the needs of patients or service users (Lloyd, Braithwaite, and Southon, ).

Health and Social Care

- In health and social care effective communication a key skill all professionals should have when working with families, carers, children and young people.

Having this skill helps to build trust it can also encourage the individual to use the services.

Effective communication in health and social care 2 essay
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