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The second question puts forward a realistic situation. This is the reason why cases of juvenile crime are on the rise. One should be able to tackle difficult situations bravely, confidently and intelligently, in order to emerge successful in life.

The answers to this section are evaluated by a couple of examiners, who mainly assess the ability of the examinees to clearly and effectively communicate their viewpoints by using good writing skills.

Each question has to be answered in about 30 minutes. Practicing sample essays will give you a command over your writing style and your writing skills and ensure that you are successful in the Writing Skills section with top scores.

Sample Essay for CBEST

This Cset essay question can be best explained with some sample essays. Moral and life skills training will help such students, who have a tendency of committing crime or becoming psychologically ill, in identifying their harmful behaviour and thought processes, and rectifying these defects early, before they damage the sanity of these individuals.

A Life Cset essay question training and moral education should be made compulsory for students in schools. Some children are fortunate enough to get their moral education from respectable elders of the family, but others are not that fortunate.

Many children do not have the skills to tackle difficulties of life with the correct attitude, and win over them. Such individuals can be expected to bring in social reforms and contribute to national progress immensely.

The essayist is supposed to imagine experiencing this situation, and write an essay about his personal experience, in the given context. Hence, it is the responsibility of every school to impart education, which will not only make them academically knowledgeable, but also enlighten them about virtuous living and will train them in leading a worthy life.

Along with happy times, one may also have to face difficult situations. School children are easily allured by pleasures of life, such as, an extravagant lifestyle. Scaled scores, ranging fromare awarded to the examinees.

CSET Multiple Subject Subtest 1: Free Resources and Tips

The websites that are listed on the first page of the results of the Google search engine are usually considered to be authentic sources ofsample essays. Life skills training and moral education will help in the creation of better human resources for any nation.

The examinee is asked to write his opinion in the form of a persuasive essay in response to this question. These essays closely emulate the actual essays in all respects, to enable the test takers to get acquainted with the actual Writing Skills question format and the kind of approach to be taken to answer them.

They develop a consciousness towards fighting social crime and consider it their responsibility to ensure a corruption-free environment based on social justice. This is because they have grown in a much protected environment in which they were not exposed to difficulties of life, or they were taught faulty ways of dealing with such situations.

In conclusion, it can be safely assumed that the modern day students are in great need of life skills training and moral education, as they are often victims of faulty upbringing.

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This may be harmful to them or to others who are associated with the situations. Many school students are seen to be targets of psychological and psychosomatic illnesses owing to their faulty values and perceptions of life. The individuals, who have sound moral values, greatly respect acts of morality and social welfare.

EQ is assessed to be of higher significance than IQ Intelligence Quotient in the academic and professional scenarios of today, by many social scientists. Life skills training and moral education help in the development of mature individuals who can tackle all situations of life with confidence.

Given below is a sample essay for the question that requires one to write an essay in the persuasive style: Such individuals are an asset to any nation, as they not only think in terms of personal benefit but also in terms of national benefit.

The official guidelines for the essays are given at http: They are indifferent to corruption in society and other social evils. They compare themselves with their luckier friends, get emotionally upset, and develop major personality disorders.

As most of us are aware, life is not a bed of roses. Life skills education is, rather, the greatest education and the greatest reward that any school can give to its students because this education will help in moulding the character and personality of individuals, which is the foundation stone to their success in life.

Write your opinion, substantiated with logical arguments, for an educated adult audience, as an essay in response to the above question. On the one hand, some children do not hesitate to adopt wrong methods in life to obtain these comforts.

Today, human beings do not think beyond their own selves. Q Should life skills training and moral education be made compulsory subjects for students in schools?

The first question presents a topic pertaining to current affairs or any controversial subject.Every CSET subject examination has at least one constructed response item (such as a short answer or essay) on at least one subtest.

In addition, all CSET subject examinations include at least one multiple choice subtest. California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET®) CSET: Multiple Subjects Practice Test Subtest I Reading, Language, and Literature; This practice test consists of two sections: (1) a multiple-choice question section and (2) a constructed-response assignment section.

2 California Subject Examinations for Teachers Test Guide Sample Test Questions for CSET: Writing Skills Below is a set of questions that are similar to the questions you will see on CSET: Writing Skills. CSET English Subtest I: Essay Writing and Rhetoric - Chapter Summary.

You'll need to be familiar with the components of an effective essay before you can answer composition and rhetoric questions.

Hello California teacher world! My name is Erika and I recently took and PASSED the CSET Multiple Subject Subtest 1 in April (yay!). In this post I’ll be sharing some free resources that I used to prepare and also some of the questions/essay prompts that I remember form the test.

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Cset essay question
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