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The Menu Bar The menu bar for an application window is a horizontal bar just below the title bar. Each scroll bar contains a scroll box and two scroll arrows one up and one down. The Window A window is a typical rectangular area pertaining to an application or a document or a dialog.

Each of these are as follow: The floppy disk A: The mouse cursor changes to a double arrow when positioned over a border or corner. Close Choosing this button deactivates the active window from the desktop. Everything that relates to the current application is displayed in the workspace.

Icons play a very important role in graphical user interfaces. When you click at application icon, a pull-down control menu appears which is also called system menu. Point and double-click on the document icon to restore the document window. Several applications can be open or running simultaneously, but there is only one active window at any given time.

The Workspace This is the area in a window below the title bar and menu bar. The Icons As you know, icons are the pretty pictures representing Windows elements like files, folders, shortcuts etc. The Scroll Bars Depending on the size of a window, the entire application may not be visible.

A background can be anything from a single-color screen to an elaborate artistic image. Minimize This button shrinks the active window to a button in the taskbar.

Commonly used icons are: Typically, PCs have only one or two floppy drives, assigned to A and B. All windows and icons are superimposed on the background, whether it may be.

Following are the types of windows: Discuss some advance features of Windows XP. If you double click over this icon, the related application gets invoked.

Control menu options vary, depending upon the type of application being displayed in the window. The Application Icon It is the icon representing the open application. Windows XP has got some very useful features that add to its user-friendliness.

Choosing an option from the menu bar results in a pull-down menu. A few of them are as follow: The menu bar lists the menus available for that application.

The Windows Operating System desktop may contain a background, one or more active or inactive windows, a taskbar, and icons.

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An application window has many elements: Window Title and Active File Name Along with the title of the application, title bar also contains the name of file displayed in the application workspace. Drag the border or corner in the direction indicated by the double arrow to the desired shape.DOWNLOAD COMPUTER SCIENCE WITH C BY SUMITA ARORA FOR CLASS 11 SOLUTIONS computer science with c pdf Computer science is the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the Free Programming, SQL Data Coding, Computer Science.

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IT Books. Informatics Practices a Text Book for Class XI (English, Paperback, Sumita Arora). Results for Solution of class 12 computer science by sumita arora in Delhi. CHAPTER STRUCTURES SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS 1. Discuss the similarity and differences of a structure as compared to an array and a class.

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Ans/5(21). View Sumita Arora’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Sumita has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Sumita’s Title: Principal, Media Practice Area. Solved Exercise from Sumita Arora STRUCTURED QUERY LANGUAGE TYPE A: VERY SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS 1.

Ans. What is SQL? What are the various. preview Download.

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SUMITA ARORA C CLASS 12 SOLUTIONS PDF. Read and Download Ebook Sumita Arora C Class 12 Solutions PDF at Online Ebook Library [PDF] COMPUTER SCIENCE WITH C++ BY SUMITA ARORA .

C sumita arora solutions for sql
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