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What a blow that was. Writing those four short paragraphs in the prescribed way seemed one of the hardest things we faced. He gave us lots of information on checking the financial stability and credentials of contractors and made us aware of other pitfalls. In a way that gave us a bit of respite but once the news was out it was full steam ahead to meet the 6 month deadline for work to start, which we just managed, inspite of the bats!!

In July we heard we had been successful at Stage 2! A Lottery Officer was assigned to us at this point and from then onwards we have received a lot of help and support from Big Lottery staff who, we felt, wanted us to succeed.

Another step closer but still more hurdles to jump. We are grateful too for other grants received which are referred to elsewhere on the website but in this section we are only dealing with the Lottery experience.

We are a registered charity no Our location is.

National Lottery hacked: Millions of customers warned to change passwords

Unfortunately because the community surveys had taken place more than 2 years previously the first thing we needed to do was re-survey the village.

Weekly meetings of the sub-committee with lots of homework followed for the 3 months we were given to complete the Stage 2 application and in early April it was lodged.


But they are another story… Obviously this is not the end of the story as the hall was completed in so watch this space for more about the process!

Seeking funding from the Big Lottery starts as a daunting undertaking. A great boost for the year end! In September we heard that our application had been refused.

One begins with the belief that, if others have done it, then so can we — we hope! The questions we had had to research and answer for Stage 2 gave us the basis for writing our own Business Plan which, in effect, was stating how we were going to deliver and manage: We had to write four outcomes that had been identified by villagers as needed to improve their lives.

For the stage 3 application the allowed time is 6 months, so in August the weekly sub-committee meetings began again. Two main documents are required for this stage, a Business Plan and a Capital Project Delivery Plan, both rather daunting to produce!

However, after a few weeks of reflection and a telephone interview with the relevant Lottery Officer, we set about completing a further application, and in December heard we had been successful at Stage 1. This village has been extremely lucky to have two retirees with the necessary skills and commitment to the project to produce this document which took an enormous amount of their time.

The response time for stage 3 is given as 3 months. The Capital Project Delivery Plan covers the construction of the building and the necessary capital finances, and proof that the activities will make the future running of the building financially viable. Stage 3 was despatched in December The Lottery allow up to 4 months to review applications and in that time they rang and questioned us and were sent further back-up documentation.

Without a person with construction experience and another with a high level of financial acumen, professionals would have had to be employed to produce this document. When the Big Build Fund was launched in December we were very excited but our hopes were soon dashed as the fund was postcode specific and ours was not eligible!The National Lottery has warned more than 10 million players with online accounts to change their passwords due to a security breach.


APPROACH TO THE PREPARATION OF THE PLAN 3 - 5 What is a business plan? 3 Purpose of the plan 3 the section entitled "Business Plan Contents.

The National Lottery is promising to make more millionaires each week as its boss stamps his authority on the business with a radical shake-up. of guaranteed UK millionaires, although the plan. The National Lottery Thunderball numbers worth up to £, are 2, 10, 13, 24 and The Thunderball is 9.

The Thunderball is 9. This draw’s £1m Lotto Millionaire Raffle code is TEAL Applying for National Lottery funding (formerly a Section 21 Company), a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) or a Public Benefit Trust.

Family Trusts are not eligible. a ‘Business Plan’ in this case), a budget and the required supporting documents.

Make informed decisions with the FT.

There are.

Business plan sections uk national lottery
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