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Your faxed ID has been shredded. About 46 percent of users log on at least once a day while 29 percent check Twitter more often than that. Recently, a friend had the same thing happen to her Facebook account. Use different passwords for varying email and social media accounts.

I checked the link and stared in shock at what I saw. Blogger Nick from DataGenetics posted about his experience reporting an imposter account on Twitter, which turned out to be a lesson in extreme patience as the company took eight days to resolve the issue.

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The report included questions about how the account was impersonating me and asked for links to other places I had the images online. Probably you do too. If you do stumble across suspicious Twitter activity, know the ways to spot a fake account. Do I need to be more on the defensive, watching online spaces for instances of this happening?

The truth is, though, I still have more questions than answers. If you go to the webpage for the imitation accountyou will see that the account has been suspended, but the background picture, a photo of some of my students, is still there.

Of course, with so many Twitter-users, there are bound to be cyber security scams that pop up. The La Russa case highlighted the need for verified accounts for celebrities, a program that Twitter launched shortly after this debacle in If your doppelganger is purposely trying to deceive other users, then you have a case for impersonation.

My Twitter home page is just below. In an age of lightning-fast communication, eight days is enough time to cause serious damage if a cybercriminal is motivated enough.

In a worst-case scenario, your identity could be stolen, duplicated and used without your knowledge to perpetrate serious cybercrime. The key to stopping impersonation is vigilance. Below that is an account that is NOT mine and has nothing to do with me.

Alec suggested that I use Twitter to help get rid of the account, by asking people to block the account and mark it as spam.

Generic profile pictures, a lack of bio, excessive tweets with the same content, few followers and an unrealistic number of tweets are among the ways that you can tell when a profile is phony.

The best way to deal with Twitter impersonation is to prevent it from happening in the first place. I did this and although I have no idea how many people actually blocked the account, several people tweeted to me that they had done so.

Make sure the screenshot has a time and date stamp. Researchers disagree with the total percentage, but even at 5 percent, that means that 1 0. Here are some good tips for reducing the chances of identity theft: Clearly someone was pretending to be me.

Twitter impersonation can ruin your online reputation — with friends, family and even potential employers. But what happens to ordinary people or those without substantial followers?

Likewise, keep security question answers private and non-personal. How to Prevent Twitter Impersonation Twitter makes it easy to identify fake celebrities, brands and other media icons.

I get sort of that people like to pretend to be someone famous, but why bother with an ordinary Joe or Jane? In a best-case scenario, fake accounts are annoying ploys created by spammers who want to increase sales using phony credentials.

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Twitter Impersonation

I also went to Twitter’s help section and found their impersonation policy and a place for reporting impersonation accounts. The report included questions about how the account was impersonating me and asked for links to other places I had the images online.

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A Twitter Impostor Took My Identity

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Bbc world business report twitter impersonation
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