An argument telling that reproduction and translation of bible scriptures must be taken seriously

Ultimately, the common misunderstanding that literal translation is the best seems to come from a focus upon individual words, rather than how the individual words relate to each other. While there is general agreement on most basic Christian doctrines across most of the commonly accepted translations, they do differ in specific details, as the simple table by John Dekker shows and often, the Devil they say, is in the details.

Certain factual information is part of every story in that section. Misinterpretation is always possible. Can ideas be precisely transferred between languages?

Moses meant it the way he wrote it. My opponent precisely correct that all emotion is made of subjective hypothetical constructs, which highlights where an allegorical approach to scripture leads.

He discovers it through commonsense study of the language patterns of the original text. Is some piece added? How does this affect me in my everyday Christian life you ask?

Here I have a suggestion. This is a real issue, which John Dekker nicely illustrates with a table in his article: In my study and throughout my home, I have many different Bibles. The connotation of the equivalent word in the given society must be studied.

The first thing that we must understand is that we cannot translate between languages perfectly. Leaving interpretation of the proposed metaphor and allegory completely up to each individual. Having faithful preservation of meaning is the highest goal.

The Bible was not meant to be literally interpreted.

In modern times, Bible translations have gone parachurch and are efforts of publication companies or ministries, both organization and personal e. Other things—context, genre, flow of thought, etc.

But this is often not the case" I agree with this statement, however when there are very specific references in text pertaining to troop counts, numbers of dead, accounting of plunder and how it was divided, it is very clear that the intent of the writer was not allegorical in nature.

The answer to this question is not an easy one, and its difficulty is amplified because of the importance of the Word of God. Because of the differences between languages, it is impossible to have a completely formal or dynamic translation.

God is all knowing. Remember, even when metaphor is in play, some literal message is always intended. Does it dovetail naturally with the bigger picture? The first is the free translation or paraphrase approach.

A clarification is necessary here.

The Problem With Bible Translations

When several words can be used, which one should be chosen? So first, literal definitions must be in place first before a word can be used figuratively. Then, a little more than a century later, William Tyndale ca. This point is critical for accurate biblical interpretation.

But this is often not the case. It is a good exercise to try and find hidden meaning in works of art and books, but sometimes "God struck Uzzah dead" means just that.

We are only talking about commonsense, standard meaning understood in our normal spoken and written communication. Therefore, both names designate different being. John forgot office at his home key We can even make some sense out of this utterance.Therefore (the charge goes), any Christian who takes the Bible literally must advocate the execution of homosexuals.

Of co u rse, the strategy with this move is obvious: If we don’t promote executing homosexuals, we can’t legitimately condemn their behavior, since both details are in the Bible.

The Bible Version Controversy Throughout the articles on this web site, we will be quoting from The Scriptures, a relatively new translation published by the Institute for. The Bible Version Controversy; The Bible Version Controversy.

My parents gave me a copy as a high school graduation present, and it revolutionized my attitude toward the Bible. It made the Scriptures easy to read and understand, and I began reading the Bible regularly for the first time in my life.

The first translation of the Bible. The Problem With Bible Translations by William If you think the real issue in biblical translation is linguistic, i.e. being equivalent to the original text vs.

adapting the text to the inclusive principles of modern social constructs to. Bible Translations: Methods of Translation. August 25, fluently transfer detailed thoughts from one language into another, you find that it is difficult, if not impossible.

Bible translation is no different. in order to get the meaning across, the words of original Scripture must be changed much more than with formal equivalence. Scriptures. Holy Bible; Book of Mormon; Doctrine and Covenants; Pearl of Great Price; Study Helps; Translate, Translation, Translator Joseph Smith should hasten to translate scriptures, D&C house to be dedicated to printing translation of scriptures.

An argument telling that reproduction and translation of bible scriptures must be taken seriously
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