A review of franco zeffilis film version of romeo and juliet

From all of this I connote that this film version produce by Franco Zeffirelli will be for a secluded audience, upper class.

Giving the classic play this modern twist makes for a new understanding of the text and brings the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets to a whole new level. Then we see the sun. He spoke the immortal words of Shakespeare as if they were his own and touched the hearts of millions.

Romeo and Juliet review – Zeffirelli's honey-drenched Shakespeare

I enjoyed watching both films and the ways the directors were able to interpret and develop the characters. Thus, we often lose the language. The whole thing after the party is a trip, see? Modern magic is what?

You could say that Baz Lurhamann has done what Shakespeare did. Baz Luhrmann tried to make the play more relatable to his audiences by setting the movie in a more modern time. Then the zoom up builds up to buildings split by a statue of Jesus Christ.

This shows that the film will be traditional and fair and not a bulge of violent actions. Baz adds the additional dimension of the people being captured by the superstitious underbelly of the Church. On the night before the wedding, Juliet consumes a potion prepared by Friar Laurence intended to make her appear dead for forty-two hours.

He is civil and well mannered even when he s fighting Mercutio. Quick to violence a stereotype that has been inherited by blacks today, but to Londoners, Italians were nearly Africans: Zeferelli kept it real by using real swords.

The Baz Lurhamanns version is loud and dramatic and grabs an audience minds and keeps the audience there, because their will be violence and sex which defiantly attracts all audiences its open to all audience types.

Plot[ edit ] One summer morning in VeronaVenetoa longstanding feud between the Montague and the Capulet clans breaks out in a street brawl. I can also see a church which certainly stands out to the rest of the city.

Film Review: ‘Romeo & Juliet’

Both Romeo and Juliet are incapable of performing the poetry anyway: Unlock All Answers Now. The camera darts to keep up with the characters as they race through the gardens and hallways of fair Verona handsomely rendered by production designer Tonino Zera and lensed in widescreen by d.

We can also connote that the statue reinforces the split between the love that is broken in two and even a forbidden love. In this film, the director has exaggerated the Latin macho ethic to have the same effect 16th century Londoners would get. Too bad the boat movie shoved him further into the spotlight than he had ever wanted.

All the costumes in his movie were the costmary attire for that time period. The solution is to convert all the metaphors from language to vision. Mercutio in the play is a emotionally engaged visionary mystic. As the camera pans we can see a river in between the city, this could suggest that their s a split between two families and since rivers are full of power I could also connote that the film will have a slight anger or hatred in it.

These Latins are superficial visually and not verbally. Remember that until this point Romeo is hopelessly smitten by Roseline. Friar Laurence eventually convinces Romeo that he is very lucky and that he should be more thankful for what he has.

Then we have a collection of images flashing and cascading across the screen flashing sneaking into the back of our minds giving us many suggestions about the film.

Then you hear a dramatic choir this most definitely suggest that their will be a lot of action and suspense. That night, two teenagers of the two families — Romeo and Juliet — meet at a Capulet masked ball and become deeply infatuated.

Mercutio, the Friar and the Nurse. How ever we can defiantly see that that the movie will be relaxed, slow and claim and certainly romantic the movie is intended for a upper class society and that perhaps would be because the rich would of only been able to afford to attend the cinema regularly.

Then we finally have the two families being flashed up the separate people and their names and how they are. And also will be the traditional re-enactment of William Shakespeare play. This is my favorite movie of all time and I believe it was sadly underrated.

Juliet seeks out Friar Laurence for help, hoping to escape her arranged marriage to Paris and remain faithful to Romeo. The two young actors have the power to captivate their audience and together, they are unsurpassable.Film Review: ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth star in a desultory new version of Shakespeare's tragedy that feels shorn of eroticism, intensity or purpose.

By Justin Chang. The Opening of Baz Luhrman's Film Version of Romeo and Juliet Franco Zeffirelli’s version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was actually filmed on location in Verona and is set in the 15th century, when the story of Romeo and Juliet was meant to happen.

In Franco Zeffirelli version of Romeo and Juliet begins with a soft light colour background with a wide Birdseye camera shot across the city which pans across the screen.

I can connote that this version will be soft and tranquil due to a relaxed atmosphere. Director Franco Zeffirelli's version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was touted at the time of its release (successfully, if the box-office receipts are any indication), as something of a "youth trip" movie.

This is because Zeffirelli broke the long-standing tradition of casting over-aged, sometimes grey-haired players in the title roles/5(56). Romeo and Juliet is a British-Italian romantic drama film based on the play of the same name, written – by famed English playwright / author William Shakespeare (–).

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The film was directed and co-written by Franco Zeffirelli, and stars Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. The director, Franco Zeffirelli, who was nominated for Best Director, cast two, virtually unknown, age appropriate actors, Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey, in the roles of Romeo and Juliet.

They bring to their respective roles a sense of unbridled, youthful passion that is moving.

A review of franco zeffilis film version of romeo and juliet
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